Noah Media Group

Head of Digital Platforms



We are looking for an experienced individual to design, develop and execute Noah Media Group’s global, digital strategy. 

We are looking to completely disrupt how high quality content (short form and full length feature films) is distributed globally. This will include, but by no means be limited to theatrical, SVOD, VOD, TV releases, around the world.

You will be responsible for creating Noah Media Distribution (NMD).

The successful candidate will also be responsible for NMG’s social channels and digital platforms for various sport content “Hubs”, which will include unique content, talent-driven web series, graphics, promos, trailers, photos, live streaming, events etc.

The role will also include a requirement for exploiting NMG’s significant assets to grow the company’s global profile as a creator of high quality, multi-channel content.

Must have the following experience:

  • Web/Mobile Analytics - the ability to mine web/mobile traffic to derive a process for executing frequent/meaningful A/B tests across the platform in order to maximise User Acquisition, Activation, Retension, Revenue, Referrals.

  • Infrastructure/Platform – you will be able to make experienced decisions on the right technology systems for NMG/NMD to use, in order to be able to provide an exemplary service, which can be scaled.

  • Digital Marketing - a good understanding of SEO, PPC, social media, email and retargeting best practices.

  • Community Building - building communities, both online and offline, building our “Hubs” and company portfolios as authoritative for its topic.

  • User/Customer Experience - an ability to interact with both users and customers to get a full understanding of what is required on our platforms.

  • Product Marketing - having a fundamental understanding of how to communicate and generate brand advertising leads, business development and sales perspective is key. For the B2C element of our portfolio, this is more focused on messaging and branding through website content like blog posts and videos - high-end content.

Other requirements:

  • Create a tactical and strategic vision for how NMG should compete with both rival content providers and rival digital media platforms.

  • 5+ years combined product and growth marketing experience delivering highly successful growth, user acquisition and engagement strategies.

  • Ability to just get on with it. Get the data you need with no fuss or muss and can design tests with no help. You know how to leverage data to make decisions and drive growth. You have experience running rigorous multivariate testing.

  • You can craft a compelling narrative across different channels - you know how to match the message to the medium.

  • Efficient at articulating the essence of products and the value they create. You can develop a strong messaging hierarchy and effective content strategy plan. You can also play copywriter.

  •  A master of test-and-learn growth hacking: ability to run and iterate on highly effective automated marketing campaigns.

  • You never hesitate to roll up your sleeves and tackle something hands-on.

Applications to be sent to – 

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