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The Australian Dream

When the truth of history is told, we can walk together


The Australian Dream tells the story of Goodes' life, from before he became a professional footballer through to his later career as an activist for Indigenous rights in Australia. 

It includes archival footage of as well as recent interviews with a range of Australians, including Indigenous and non-Indigenous people – politicians, sportspeople, politicians, media commentators and Grant himself.

With Grant commenting on or explaining each segment of the film, it is only at the end that the title is explained, when it includes his 2016 address at the 2019 IQ2 debate, which went viral. In it, he delivers a powerful message about how discrimination and colonisation are the base on which the “Australian dream” is built.

The film looks broadly at the part played by race and identity in Australian history and today's society.It questions "what it means to be Australian" and "If the Australian Dream is rooted in racism, what can be done to redefine it for the next generation?".


Best Documentary at the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) Awards 2019

Best Documentary Feature Audience Award at Hawaii International Film Festival 2019

Best Documentary People's Choice Award at Melbourne International Film Festival 2019

Student Choice Award at Philadelphia Film Festival 2019

Best Feature Film Production and Feature Documentary Production of the Year at Screen Producers Australia Awards 2019

Daniel Gordon - Director

Daniel Gordon is a British documentary film director best known for his double BATFA winning and critically acclaimed feature documentary, ‘HILLSBOROUGH’, which is the definitive account of the Hillsborough Stadium Disaster.  Daniel’s previous films include a series of ground breaking documentary from North Korea including, ‘CROSSING THE LINE’, (Premiere: Sundance Film Festival); feature documentary ‘9.79*’ investigates the infamous and controversial 1988 Seoul Olympic men’s 100m final, won by Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson, who was subsequently stripped of his gold medal after testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs. (Premiere: Toronto International Film Festival); I SCORED A GOAL IN THE FIFA WORLD CUP FINAL, a series of 24 short documentary films featuring testimony from the only 34 me alive today to have scored a goal in a World Cup Final, and feature documentary GEORGE BEST: ALL BY HIMSELF which premiered at the 2016 60th BFI London Film Festival.

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